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Here is some general information about my kaleidoscopes that I hope you will find helpful.



  • I use only Front Surface Mirror, “A” quality
  • I work primarily in a 2-mirror configuration (6-7-8-9-10-11 point stars)



  • My work is in etched glass and various metals, whether it is tubing or hand forged.
  • Patinas on metal will change over time.
  • Etched glass tubing – In 2006, I added this line to my kaleidoscope art.  It is called “Memories” and there are both limited editions as well as open editions in this line.  I can also do custom etching for your gallery, your corporate customers, or special occasions.  This line continues to grow in design options.


Object cells:

  • My kaleidoscopes will be shipped with an oil cell that is side lit or a polarized filter chamber that receives light from the end. 
  • The Polarized Chambers are collaboration with renowned kaleidoscope artist Glenn Straub.
  • With the polarized chambers, the best images are received when the light is close to the cell at the end of the kaleidoscope (not through the sides).
  • The oil used in my oil cells is a pure silicone oil. 
  • My cells have been called “be-jeweled.”  They include filigree, cloisonné, vintage beads, crystals, metal beads and charms, etc.
  • Additional oil cells, dry cells, or empty dry cells are available – your customers may want those for an extra image or to create their own with the empty dry cell.
  • The object cell is turned either on the black bottom or by placing your fingers on the clear cell and rotating.  You may have to instruct your customers on this – else they tend to turn the entire tube.
  • Most people prefer the view when the apex of the mirrors (the point) is at either 4:30 or 7:30 – but other angles are pleasing as well.



  • Dust the metal or wooden tubing.
  • You may use a fine metal polish on the brass fittings
  • Do not use polish on the etched brass body of Whispers or the steel scope, Mirage – the patina may be lost
  • It is best not to leave your scope in direct sunlight for long periods of time. 


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Home My Kaleidoscopes Retail Outlets About Marcia About Kaleidoscopes Resources